Divi Filter

Webdesign Portfolio

A layout to create a webdesign portfolio with dark mode in Divi. Click on the demo button try it out.



 Click on the button to open the demo and try the layout for yourself.


A webdesign portfolio, to show your work as a webdesigner.

You can also use it as an image gallery.

This layout comes with a dark mode, that can also be easily removed if you don’t like it.

This layout is manually build and has nothing to do with the post type project, like the Divi portfolio. Everything is customizable.

If you want the filtering to work, you have to download the Divi Filter Plugin. For the filter animation and the styling of the active filter button you have to get a premium license.

Free with the Divi Filter

If you get Divi Filter Premium, then this layout will be included for free.


  1. Create a new page with Divi
  2. Click on “Portability” (the two arrow icon)
  3. Go to the “Import” tab
  4. Drag or select JSON file
  5. Check “Import Presets”
  6. Click “Import Divi Builder Layout”

Get it now!

Get the layout now and download it right after purchase.